*The jury did NOT find the defendant guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of the Sex Trafficking charge. That means this man is innocent of sex trafficking before the law, and it is important in our society that we uphold this key feature of our legal system. The jury DID, however, find him guilty of Harboring a Runaway Minor, and of one of the Sexual Assault charges. The sentence for the former charge was covered by his time already served; the sentence for the latter charge was 20 years. I have left out the details of this case that go beyond the charges that received actual convictions.

Also, let me assert that the process that goes on in a Jury Room is a sacred event under our legal system. Each juror must deal with the consequences of how their decision will affect the life of another person. What is said in that room is private and confidential. My comments here are not an indictment of the thought process of any other jurors, or of the case made by the State prosecutors or the Defense attorneys, but my own suggestions of what can help Americans fight sexual exploitation crimes.


Amanda B. is a mom, a wife, a researcher, and a volunteer in support of sex trafficking victims. In her spare time, she enjoys photographing Texas wildflowers.