The Slave-Free City vision rests on the belief that everyone has a role to play in the fight for freedom. No one organization or sector of the community can overcome the issue of modern slavery alone.

Transforming Austin into a city where traffickers cannot exploit the vulnerable and where survivors have access to all the resources they need to truly heal requires everyone doing their part. That’s why we are encouraged when community members like in.gredients think creatively to mobilize their business platform for social change.

Our partnership over the last six months has allowed us to unpack the intersections of their waste-free mission with our Slave-Free City vision. Research shows that massive amounts of (unnecessary) waste patterns are effecting local communities around the globe forcing migration for some. Migrant populations are traditionally vulnerable to exploitation. 

As we as a city reduce our collective waste through waste-free initiatives and businesses like in.gredients we reduce our complicity in the disruption of local landfill communities and their potential exploitation. 

To learn more about in.gredients and our partnership, read our interview with Erica below. 

Allies:  Tell us about in.gredients and your mission.

in.gredients:  in.gredients is passionate about local food, community, and practicing zero waste. Of course, these three things branch out in many ways, but they ultimately come down to experiences of health and well-being on a systems level. 

Allies:  What inspired the Community Partnership program? 

in.gredients Our Community Partner program was developed as an integral part of our original core concept- creating the model for a sustainable, localized, zero waste grocery industry. Typically, grocery stores that incentivize container reuse do so by crediting back to the customer. As a triple bottom line business, we decided to incorporate incentives for container reuse by paying it forward to community non-profit organizations.

Allies: Why did in.gredients want to team up with Allies?

in.gredients: To be honest, in.gredients didn’t choose Allies Against Slavery to be our community partner- the community did. We accept Community Partner applications via our website all twelve months of the year. Each Community Partner term is six months long, so twice a year, our staff votes on their top four picks out of all the applications we’ve received over the preceding six months. Then, we hand the final vote over to our customers through in-store and on-line voting. Y’all got the nod from us, but our neighbors are the ones that opened the door. And we’re so glad that they did!