2017: Year In Review

2017 was a monumental year. Thanks to advocates, supporters and partners like you, it was our most impactful year yet!

Our team curated seven highlights from the year to celebrate with you. From groundbreaking research to identifying victims, I’m deeply inspired by all the ways you’ve helped Allies advance freedom and protect dignity this year. 



As I look to 2018, I’m filled with hope and excitement.  Here’s why:

  • We are poised to help hundreds of exploited children and youth become survivors by scaling up use of  our innovative online victim screening tool.  
  • We will train and equip frontline professionals in significant new ways, moving past “human trafficking 101” content to develop deep knowledge. 
  • Our reach and influence is expanding, and we have more opportunities to take what we’ve learned in Central Texas to help others across the state and nation.

This work needs you. I invite you to consider making an end of year gift and partnering with us in 2018. 

Together we can protect freedom and dignity for hundreds of people in the year ahead.

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