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Powerful software that helps professionals, teams, and organizations identify victims of exploitation, coordinate their care, and understand trends in human trafficking.

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Slavery could be staring you in the face

88% of victims say they interacted with a professional who could have helped them while they were being trafficked.1



An endorsed solution

With support from the Office of the Texas Governor Child Sex Trafficking Team, we’re rapidly scaling our platform to agencies across Texas to combat human trafficking.


Start saving lives in minutes

Lighthouse is easy to use and works alongside your existing systems. Your data is securely accessed and stored.

“Lighthouse allowed us to identify more kids who would have slipped through the cracks. Now we look at every single kid differently, through a trauma informed perspective. They are getting advocates in us.”

– Dawn Owens, Assistant Director, Bell County Juvenile Services

A robust data solution that gets results


Identify victims

Lighthouse can help identify the signs of trauma and adverse experiences that are prevalent among trafficking victims, to provide targeted care and a path to healing.

Coordinate care

Lighthouse allows data to be shared securely among groups and organizations, opening avenues for collaboration to build stronger safety nets for victims.


Understand trends

The data collected in Lighthouse provides insights to stakeholders who need to understand and respond to trafficking in their communities. Lighthouse is aggregating state-wide data to combat human trafficking across Texas.

Illuminate and protect

Together we can stop trafficking by seeing the signs and taking action.