Not Alone: Putting Survivor Leadership in the Spotlight

Earlier this month, our team had the distinct privilege to visit the Bullock Museum’s exhibit on human trafficking which intentionally highlights survivor’s experiences. We were moved by the information presented, and the stories shared were especially powerful. It served as a sobering reminder of the reason why we do this work and also highlighted the hope that exists on the other side of exploitation.
The survivors testimonies highlighted their resiliency and leadership. Their experiences educate and remind us to look past harmful stereotypes to deepen our understanding of how traffickers recruit, control, and exploit. In the powerful words of Kathy McGibbon Givens, Trafficking doesn’t target people, trafficking targets vulnerabilities.” At Allies, we seek to identify vulnerabilities and illuminate the early signs of trafficking so that we can connect youth to the right kinds of care and prevent further abuse occurring. 
The title of the exhibit, Not Alone, is a powerful reminder we don’t do this work by ourselves. There are many amazing organizations and individuals combatting trafficking, reducing vulnerabilities, and supporting survivors.  Some of the most impactful organizations, unsurprisingly, have survivors in leadership roles. A few in Central Texas are highlighted below:
  • Survivor Leadership Council: 
    • Formed in 2020, this powerful group of survivors is leading the charge to ensure that state-wide policies are survivor-informed and led. Their mission is to review, recommend, and develop survivor informed policies and best practices that address commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking across the State of Texas. If you would like to request more information, please reach out to the Allies team. 
  • Magdalene House 


Part of this work also involves people like you giving your time and talents to support organizations like Allies and those listed above. We hope you will choose to take action to support organizations that give survivors the opportunity to lead and make a difference.

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