Slavery exists where you live.

Slavery doesn’t just exist in remote communities, thousands and thousands of miles away. Slavery exists where you live.

Last year in the state of Texas alone, there were 433 human trafficking cases (and those were just the ones reported). It’s a daunting number, but one that has decreased considerably since Allies Against Slavery began nearly a decade ago.

While our movement of ordinary abolitionists is small, we are mighty. After the calling to end slavery in Austin, Texas hit all of us like a runaway freight train, we gathered some of the brightest minds and sharpest organizations across our city and allied to conquer this terrible epidemic plaguing the vulnerable populations of our beautiful city.

In just three short years, our influence grew by 340% and our volunteer-led organization was able to educate over 5,500 people through countless workshops, hands-on training and our ground-breaking campaign, Free Austin.

In addition, we organized support for hundreds of local survivors and led invaluable partnerships like the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking via steering committee.

Make Austin Slave-free became the rallying cry that was chanted through the streets. It has become the lifeblood of our growing movement.

A movement that’s far from over.

Regardless of our continued fight, slavery in both Austin, Texas and the United States as a whole still exists. And, while we’ve been battling valiantly, we’re still losing the war.

In order to accomplish our mission of creating both a slave-free city and nation, we must grow.

And that’s where you come in.