Slavery exists where you live.

Slavery doesn’t just exist in remote communities, thousands and thousands of miles away. Slavery exists where you live and represents one of the biggest human rights crisis society faces today.

That reality drives our unwavering commitment to eradicate human trafficking and protect freedom and dignity, a mission we’ve advanced since 2010.

Allies began as a small but mighty grassroots movement. We were “ordinary abolitionists.” People like you who took a stand, volunteering to create change in their own backyard.

That backyard was Austin, Texas.

The first phase of our work included community trainings, supporting local survivors, petitioning the City Council to make Austin a Slave-Free City, launching conferences and campaigns, and building trust with frontline Coalition partners.

The second phase of our work began with Allies forming as a 501(c)(3) in 2014, hiring our first paid staff, and moving into a leadership role to coordinate 65 agencies in the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

We also partnered with the University of Texas from 2014-2016 to publish
Human Trafficking By the Numbers: the Initial Benchmark of Prevalence & Economic Impact For Texas. The groundbreaking research, funded by the Texas Governor’s Office, was the first study to establish the extent of the problem in Texas. We found that an estimated 313,000 people were victims of trafficking, including 79,000 minor and youth victims of sex trafficking. 

That staggering knowledge launched Allies into our third phase of growth.

Allies is now using all we have learned over the past eight years to harness the power of technology, data, and partnerships to protect freedom and dignity.

We are moving forward with a sense of urgency to find and help the vast majority of victims who slip through the cracks.

Our Lighthouse software was built to accomplish that goal. With strategic partners like the Dropbox Foundation and the Office of the Texas Governor, we’re growing our impact to help those still experiencing exploitation.

This mission, this work, isn’t possible without you. Just like the community that started Allies in 2010, the movement to protect freedom and dignity is made possible when we stand together. 

Join us and become an Ally today.