A Technology Partnership to Fight Trafficking

Allies Against Slavery harnesses the power of technology, data, and partnerships to combat human trafficking and protect freedom and dignity. Collaboration is part of our DNA and fundamental to our mission. With a small but mighty staff, partnerships enable us to scale our capacity and expertise, and are critical to our success. Here we feature our development partnership with Masterworks, a mission-driven marketing agency with expertise in data science.

Allies introduced the Tier One screening tool in 2016 to help professionals identify victims of human trafficking. Using indicators and open-ended questions informed by field experts and survivors, service providers could quickly identify signs of possible exploitation. As adoption of the tool expanded, Allies engaged with Masterworks in 2017 to enhance and scale the platform, which was re-branded as Lighthouse in 2019. Since then, Masterworks has continued to expand the capabilities of Lighthouse with integration of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Identification Tool (CSE-IT), data sharing features for care coordination teams, and enhanced visualizations

Allies has developed an enduring and trusted partnership with Masterworks. The impact of this relationship is far-reaching, with Allies making a strategic digital transformation as a technology and data-driven nonprofit, and Masterworks applying its expertise to move hearts and minds around an intractable social issue. We are grateful for the gifted and passionate leadership at Masterworks – Trevor Bunch, VP Technology and Bryan Brown, EVP Products and Services – along with their talented staff, who have partnered with us on this journey over the past three years. Learn more about our work together in this case study.
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