For 40 million people and counting...
Slavery still exists.

I am confident that we will one day end the scourge of modern slavery, because I believe in those committed to this issue.

Barack Obama

A raw, honest look at the human trafficking epidemic in Texas.

We partnered with the University of Texas to conduct a statewide study on human trafficking. Our groundbreaking research offered the first factual look inside the economic impact of human trafficking and shed light on the true scope of the issue.

* Human Trafficking by the Numbers, 2016

Modern Slavery Defined

Human trafficking is modern day slavery and it occurs when one person uses manipulation, threats and/or violence to control another person in order to take advantage of them for economic gain.

Human trafficking can take the form of labor exploitation where victims are forced to work without pay. Labor trafficking occurs across many different economic sectors and industries. It may also come in the form of sex trafficking where vulnerable individuals are forced to participate in commercial sex acts through force, fraud or coercion (or the individual is not yet 18 years of age).

While this is a difficult problem to discuss, it’s important to understand the human rights abuse it represents. Through awareness, collaboration, and innovative solutions, we can end human trafficking in Austin and beyond.