How we are taking a stand

Today, huge numbers of people around the world and around the corner experience the violence of human trafficking. But those who are suffering often remain invisible.

In fact, data suggests as few as 2% of victims are identified and connected to the right care, while studies reveal that up to 88% of victims report interacting with someone during their trafficking experience who could have helped them.

We’re missing what’s right in front of us.

That’s why we believe victim identification is a critical, but broken, leverage point in the system of modern slavery. When victims aren’t identified, they all too often experience revictimization. The stakes are high and the need is urgent.

By using Lighthouse — our powerful, scalable screening software — to fix how victims are identified and connected to care, we can find the other 98% of victims who are falling through the cracks in homeless youth and domestic violence shelters, hospitals and clinics, juvenile justice facilities and foster care homes.

Our Lighthouse tool makes it possible for organizations to quickly, easily, and effectively identify survivors of sex trafficking.