Using Data to Free People from Human Trafficking

Earlier this month, Allies announced a major advancement in how Texas is using data to free people from human trafficking. After more than a year in development, we unveiled brand new Lighthouse capabilities that make it the only software to aggregate statewide trends, data, and insights in one place — to better serve survivors. 
We showcased these new Lighthouse capabilities during a launch event on October 15. It was a special time full of gratitude, excitement, and inspiration. Here’s what some people shared with us afterwards:
  • “The rollout of Lighthouse was just exceptional. We had our 3 Program Coordinators and myself. It was an excellent presentation! Congratulations to you and your team.”
  • “I am so impressed with the Lighthouse Data platform! The launch was amazing and I see the product being even more helpful as time goes on.”
  • “Thank you and the team so much for an incredibly smooth and engaging webinar sharing such powerful work! I have to say I got goosebumps hearing about this work.”
The event highlighted key partners, revealed the Texas Human Trafficking Data Model, and showcased an exclusive Lighthouse demo. We shared new Lighthouse capabilities that will empower the field to understand and respond to trafficking, including: 
  • Map features to see a geographic distribution of services, programs, and care with data from 178 unique organizations serving 348 areas across Texas;
  • Demographic analysis of more than 30,000 vulnerable youth who have been screened for sex trafficking in Texas;
  • Indicator analysis to see what risk factors and red flags are most prevalent for youth who have clear concern for sex trafficking;

If you weren’t able to attend, you can learn more and view a recording of the launch event below.

The feedback so far has been incredible. Thank you for reaching out with encouragement, questions, and suggestions. It means the world to our team! 
Here are three ways you can join us as we continue this work: 
  1. Use Lighthouse — interested in using Lighthouse to screen vulnerable populations you serve for sex trafficking, or do you want access to the aggregate data platform we demoed? Contact us.
  1. Share Data — do you have access to data sources that you’d like to see in Lighthouse to enrich the Texas Human Trafficking Data Model? Let’s partner.
  1. Fund Innovation — building and sustaining innovative solutions like Lighthouse on a statewide scale requires strategic investment. Give freedom.
We’re grateful for your partnership. Together — empowered by data — we are protecting freedom and dignity.
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